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Law Firm Partnership in Asti

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Sudio Coppo works with the Legal Office in Viale alla Vittoria n. 31, Asti, where you can meet many lawyers to assist you in a broad-spectrum of services covering all areas of law.

Administrative law

Appeal of decisions made by the office of public administration with the Regional Administrative Court.

Civil rights

Issues and disputes concerning property and real estate rights, debt collection, contracts, sub-contracts, leases and evictions, the drawing up of contracts plus consumer protection.

Criminal law

Representation and defense relating to charges of crime or violations in civil claims.

Labour law

Issues and disagreements arising from employment relations such as layoffs and pay disputes, drafting of reports, compensation, damages claimed by both parties, in and out of court settlement.

Social Security Law, Administrative and Tax Penalties

Issues and disputes against public bodies and the preparation of appeals against provincial and regional tax commissions. Appeals relating to administrative sanctions declared by the Territorial Directorate for Labour, assistance during investigation, appeal against Highway Code fines (when the claim and accompanying sanctions are cost effective), INPS and INAIL tax assessments appeals SPERSA, ARPA, etc.

  • Marcello Coppo
  • Responsible for Legal Office, Dr. of Law, Lawyer, General Ass. 290016507E
  • Administrative law
  • Civil rights
  • Criminal law
  • Labour law
  • Social Security Law, Administrative and Tax Penalties
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